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Have you ever been frustrated by agencies or freelancers who:

  • Expect you to  follow a cookie-cutter process? 
  • Just use A.I. tools with no real creativity? 
  • Haven't generated tangible business results? 
  • Deliver content that you're just not happy with?
  • Don't seem to "get it" about your business and story? 
  • Take days or weeks to answer simple questions? 
  • Make huge promises they can't deliver on? 
  • Mean well but have so many other clients you just feel like a number?

Take the great ideas in your head and communicate them to the world with heart.

To spark your idea, and communicate with heart, we believe: 

L O V E  I S  T H E  A N S W E R. 

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We believe that trust is earned.
And a process helps us earn that trust.


Request Your Free Proposal

Schedule a 30-minute free consultation with your CreatorSpark guide and dive into your podcast, video, or bigger creative project idea.

Two Week Launch Process

Work with your CreatorSpark guide to craft your unique StorySpark™ Script that will serve as the foundation for launching your podcast, video series, film project, or bigger creative project.

Engage Your Community

Launch your new content the right way by engaging your community from the beginning through your newsletter, private community or public social media profiles. If you focus on helping your people grow, the will help you grow. This is how ideas SparkFire™.

Grow With Confidence

Receive personal ongoing accountability by working with our team to consistently create exceptional content that is distributed across all of your channels completely optimized to generate results for your goals and objectives.

It's our privilege to serve you so you can make a difference in the world.

When we were looking to enhance and grow our podcast, they were there to listen, learn and offer their advice in how we could take the Selling from the Heart podcast to the next level. It wasn't long after agreeing to partner with the team that we started to notice the growth in our community, the quality of production and how our audience was perceiving the newly created podcast.

Larry Levine, Author and host of Selling from the Heart Podcast
Their work was beyond anything that I could have imagined or wished for myself. [Their] wisdom, commitment, and talent continually exceeded my expectations.

Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey | National Geographic Explorer • TED Speaker • Award-Winning Filmmaker
Passionate and strategic. I was impressed with [their] ability to show empathy and a community-first approach.

Houston Golden, CEO BAMF.com

Choose your plan

Masterclass Mini-Course
$249 Value, Just $1 through Jan. 31 2024
$249 $1
  • Learn how to record captivating video content at your home or office, with any equipment level or experience.
  • Learn how to spark an impact with your audience by defining your story to break through the noise.
  • Learn how to cultivate relationships and earn more income through a community-first approach.
  • BONUS Our growth playbook that has helped our clients generate audiences in the millions.

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StorySpark Signature Content Launch
2-Week done-for-you program for everything you need to launch your podcast, YouTube channel, or course.
  • 90 Minute Expert Guided StorySpark session to craft your unique StorySpark script, one-pager, and one-liner.
  • Define your audience and test what's going to resonate with them.
  • 30 Minute guided recording session for your first video, podcast episode or course introduction.
  • Complete branding, templating and asset package including your full-length finished video + audio, social media short videos, and distribution plan.
  • BONUS Free 60 days of follow up coaching + implementation coaching

(optional pay in 2 or 3 installment finance plan available)

Monthly Content Production
  • Includes everything in the StorySpark Signature Content Launch.
  • Weekly long-form content production for Podcast, YouTube channel or Community Mastermind.
  • Short-Form Content Production for YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok.
  • Done-for-you posting of short form content on your social channels.
  • Free Premium Podcast Hosting Plan through Simplecast, Free Access to Monthly Group Accountability Mastermind
  • Content studio build-out consulting and help optimizing your space.
  • BONUS Free Access to All of Our Courses and Masterclass Material for Life.

Quarterly or Yearly Pre-Paid Discount Plans Available

Only need us for 3 months? Pay in 6 or 12 installment finance plan available for 3-Month Package

Fractional Content Marketing Executive
  • Includes everything in the StorySpark Signature Content Launch.
  • Includes everything in monthly content production.
  • Executive planning and reporting to leadership team.
  • Goal and benchmark setting.
  • Internal leadership, planning and collaboration with team/staff members. May also include regular in-person site visits for organizations near Orange County, CA.
  • BONUS 1 year, 2 year or 3 year contracts now available.

Performance-based plans (equity, creative financing, or commission basis) available for well-qualified and defined relationships once trust is established. 

Chris Decker


Let's spark
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Taylor Decker